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Oh Godd !Im not strong to hear all about he self ,about his life ,about his fucking girlfie thai i not like before until now and forever .i was cry when i saw he with another girl .i was cry when i'll remember that you tell me "DINDA ,ILOVEYOU" swear !my heart melt inside when you told that FUCKER !my heart broken ,my feeling going down ,im so sad ,im so frust but i still loving youu ,need youu ,miss you ,want youu to be my mine !did youu still remember our memories ?you always tell me "DINDA ,SUMPAH KANDA TAK AKAN TINGGALKAN DINDA ,KANDA JANJI !"where your promise to me ?why you leave me ?why you still find me ?myheart broken ,im not strong ,Oh Godd !Help me :( why i still remember that FUCKER ?why i still remember that person was have done lied me before ?no one can placed youu in my heart because you're my first love i've never have .ADILA FATIN !why still play that theme song ?why still keep our picture ?why still hug that bear he gave you ?what happen to you ?why must i cry ?why i must thinking about him ?why i still remember our memories ?4 YEARS !i was happy ,laugh ,smile ,sad ,cry ,it is because of you !i cant live without youu ,when im alone ,i'll sing our theme song ,i'll call your name .i had a high hopeless .i wish youu always happy without me .For your information ,iloveyouuforeverandever !i still loving youu MS !by the way ,im not be with youu anymore ,IHATEYOUU PHJ !
Love ,
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