Mama Is My Super Duper Woman :]
Sunday, May 8, 2011 | 4:44 AM | 0 ♥ Sweet Talking

Ohh My Mama, Happy Mother's Day :]
Honestly from my soul, i knew you're the best mother never ever had in this world. 
You're Perfect, yes you are My Heroin mama.
even my mom is always upset me, I know my mom loves me.
Mom always wants the best for me, keep my mom from adult small to me. Mom was never bored with all of my actions.
my mom is everything, she raised me alone no matter effortlessly happy and sad how even, my mom still teach me, give me the knowledge, taught me the meaning of life and everything. I salute my mother. Finally, my mom loves me more than anything. My mom would make life full of happiness.
I Love You Forever Mom <33   

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