Happy First Month Anniversary Sweetheart
Friday, September 2, 2011 | 12:18 PM | 0 ♥ Sweet Talking

Assalamualaikum, hey geng.

Hey Boys And Girls. Ehemm Ehemm, hey Nobitaa ku sayang. Bieee Booo Sayanggg :) haa, suka suka ? Gedik laahh lah biee boo ni ! Bieee, i wish you can be the one i loved, you make me. swear, i don't want you to love me most like you love another girl because i'm a bad girl. yes i'm. i can't be perfect for you. but in this one month, i look you more patient in my attitude, you treat me nicely, i like it so much. Idham, till now i try to said I love you but that's just a fake.
Day by day, i'll said that sincerely from my heart. But for make you smile and laugh and i know one two three thing :D hihi,  imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyou imissyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, automaticly
biee boo senyum then gelak sampai pecah perut kan kan ? Lagi tarik muka tolak muka ? -->..<-- lagi lagi ? Nyanyi lagu Pulanglah yang bieee suka tu kan ? heee, barbiee mmg radio nak request macam macam kan biee boo ? haaaa :D
Bieee booo, thanks for everything okay ? You complete me ! biee dah buad macam macam untuk buad barbiee jatuh cinta pada bieee. Bieee sanggup buad ape saje demi barbiee, Whoaaaa ! Wonderful ! Gilaa lah kan ? Hebat tak hebat lah M I B M Y barbieee ni kan sayang kan ? Biee baik sangat dengan barbiee, biee ajak barbiee solat, biee ajar barbiee untuk sabar, biee ajar barbiee untuk minta maaf dgn orang. biee ajar barbiee macam macam. Bieeee Baik :') sangat baik, sangat sangat sangat baik :') Tapi barbie takut sayang, barbiee takut sangat kalau barbiee lukakan hati bieee boo. hm, bieee boo. Everthing pasal barbiee biee tahu kan ? St time barbiee jujur dalam semua benda dgn Bf barbiee, you're the first sayang. Sebelum ni manede -.-
nak tahu sebab ape tak biee boo ? sebab biee boo kan *NOBITAA "-''-"

Idham, I Sayang Youuuuuuuuuuuu ! :]

Bieee Booo, I'm your si comel right ? hihi :D


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