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Sunday, October 23, 2011 | 11:53 AM | 0 ♥ Sweet Talking

Dear My Superduper heroooo <3

Every Single Minutes Im waiting for your call and text, everyday i want you said  the word "LOVE" by your sincere heart.My Smile only for youu, i just can smile only for my hubby is you. You make my day shine when i woke up from sleep.I realized that love is coming at anytime without our awareness. Here you are My prince, i'll hold you go to heaven together with me and falling apart. Me Love You So Muchh Heroo ! I keep you words that you said "Biee nak hubungan kita ni kekal" I'll pray for our relationship sayang. Amin :')

---> I L O V E Y O U M I Q D A D A D D A U S Y !
---> I M I S S Y O U A B A N G KU S A Y A N G !
---> I N E E D Y O U C I N T A H A T I K U !

Your Love Hunyadila <3

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